Leno’s Rocket City Marathon Report

The weather forecast for December 13, 2003 called for temperatures in the high 20’s, rain and sleet for the marathon in Huntsville, Alabama. (The Rocket City Marathon). Much to our delight the weather actually started in the mid-30’s, cloudy, and no rain. A perfect marathon weather day, one could say. With spirits riding high and a body feeling fully rested I decided to attack from the get-go. Unfortunately not even the perfect conditions were enough for me to overcome the very hilly course and I ran out of leg strength about 16 miles into the race and fell completely apart by mile 23. High expectations but low results as I ran a 3:02 and change.

Maria and her sister in law ran an incredible race and finished in 4:07 and her other sister in law ran a 4:23. Maria and I won third place in the husband-wife team. All in all, a very well organized race and lots of fun.

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