Beach to Bay 2008

Corpus Chrisi, TX

by Coach Jack McClintic

We had our best Beach to Bay ever, thanks to so many of you for coming down and sharing in the fun. Despite high gas prices, we had 9 Tornado teams in Corpus. I guess when we load up the cars, drink back our entry fee at the post race, and stay at the cheapest hotel in Corpus it is not too bad, and the roaches are free! Well maybe next year, Vic will up-grade us on the accommodations?

But it was so nice to have some of our best runners come down, some elite runners join us (hope you will be back next year), and team up with Bayou City Road Runners (then drink with them too!), nice to have those other teams as well like the Los Chugga Luggeros, the BARPA, and my personal favorite MS B-haven only wished I had time to hang around at the post race and be their cabaƱa boy!

I hope you all felt what the Tornados are like, think Jen Brown came the closest to summing us up with the phrase “Fun-Competitive.” We run hard and play hard but never get too puffed up about it all, just work hard so we can celebrate more. We have the HARRA X-C relay coming up in late September, hope some of you can make it as it is just like Beach to Bay, well minus the beach! It is a fun relay with 3 kegs of St Arnolds beer at the finish line, none of that Miller Lite watery stuff! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to those of you who were flexible and ran on another team to let someone run on your team, our hat goes off to Leno, Jen, Joseph and others. For we are not all about ourselves in this club, we are about being a team and rejoicing in each others success.

Here are the teams for 2008 B2B:

  1. BARPA our Tornados Chica Lislie Dixon, and soon to be Chicas Kim Nichols and Suzanne McLean 3:59 58th in mixed
  2. Los Chugga Luggeros, Manny and the boys 4:10, 112th in open mens
  3. MS B-haven 3:38, 13th in womens almost got hardware
  4. Tornados Terra Firma 2:53 2nd in senior mens, 43rd overall
  5. Tornados Tigers 2:43, 3rd masters mens, 24th overall
  6. Prime Cuts 2:42, 1st in mixed masters, 23rd overall, ouch Sim they beat the tiger out of us 6 guys!
  7. Tornados Pappas Fritas 2:28 6th in mens, 7th overall, their time would have been 3rd most years, who paid for all those Kenyans?!
  8. Tear it up Tornados 2:54 3rd in mixed, 45th overall
  9. Watermill Express 2:36, 1st in mixed 12th overall

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