What Have The Tornados Ever Done For Me?

Oct 2007 ITR Article

It was about ten years ago, back in the Tornado dark ages, that one disgruntled Tornado spoke these blasphemous words: “what have the Tornados ever done for me?” Of course a big ruckus ensued, but I just sat there thinking and grasping at straws and wondered what we really did do besides run. At that time we basically ran hard, had ten dollars in our treasury, had 59 guys and one female, spoke Spanish, drank more cerveza than BCRR, and then ran hard again. Ten years later, thanks be to God, we still do all these things!

But ten years has been a lifetime in one little Latino running club. It dawned on me walking away from the USA ten-miler (where we had 36 club members run the race) that we now could answer the “what can you do for me” question in many more ways. Manny Valle had just raffled off ten free races out of those who ran the race, pretty good odds. We will continue to draw names for all the series races, except the marathon. It felt good to give back to our runners. We also have a member who sells Asics and Mizzuno shoes at wholesale prices where our members save about $30 on each pair of shoes. Leno Rios has been training several of our runners for free with a well planned daily schedule.

We get a good group of 20 runners to run long together on Sunday mornings from Memorial Park and you don’t even have to be a member to see if you can go the distance. And all of you are invited to stop by after the run (around 8:00) and drink some Gatorade and eat some snacks, we are a welcoming and generous club. We have about six get-togethers a year, many with free food and St. Arnold’s beer. We have put on the Cinco de Mayo 5K for the last three years and have given out $4,300 in college scholarships. Agapito Gaytan has kept a first-rate webpage tornadosrunningclub.com that has the best running calendar in town. We have done a lot, we even discovered females! We hope to do much more in the years to come, our dream for the next year is to invite scores of medium-paced runners into the club, we feel we are on the verge of a new era. Check out our latest family photo and see if you can see your smiling face in our running family too?

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