Thank to Our Runners for Being Tornados

Dec 2006 ITR Article

Submitted by Jack McClintic

Because of a misplaced trust in me as the club writer, our report is more a biography on one of our runners or a short essay about one of our activities. I feel it is more interesting than reading about the same old laundry list of race times, enumeration of programs, all ended with an advertisement to join. It has always been my aim just to thank our runners for being Tornados with a story about them and of course the best picture I can find. In some small way I like to capture our club’s Latino heritage and our passion for running, respect for one another, and sheer joy of racing anyone, even if it is just on a training run! I relate what I know about running Latino style, while being one of the clubs few Gringos. But that is the beauty of our club, an international club learning to love our differences and one another. And we want to keep it that way, while always inviting others to join us no matter how limited their languages are!

But just to be different from being different, I thought I would enumerate our programs just in case you would like to add a little adventure to your running and run faster in the process. We have a speed workout group that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm at the stretching area in Memorial Park. It is led by Leno Rios and they have some of the fastest female runners in Houston. We would love to have more fast females join us; and we are sure the fast guys will follow! On Sundays we have our long run of 10 or more miles meeting at the same place at 7:00 am. This is always well attended with about 10-20 runners. We head out at 8:00 mile pace or a little less and at the half way point it picks up to 6:00 mile pace or sometimes faster, a long run with twist of tempo. We always go out to the taqueria afterwards to recover with authentic Mexican food.

And once you run with us you will get to know what is under the surface, the important things about us. Our club loves to run and run hard, loves to kid each other, we feel that we are all family, have a passion for Salsa dancing, love birthday parties, are found of kids, and respect all runners. You will get a hand shake before every run and sometimes a kiss on the cheek. We celebrate often with picnics at Memorial Park, with homemade Mexican food, lots of beer and of course tequila. We are a club where even our Gringos are good (and some are even good dancers)! We don’t have a lot of cash or huge numbers, but what we have we share. But most of all I hope that if you do join us for a run or hang out with us, that you will learn to “corre con tu el corazon!”

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