Meet Jack McClintic

By agapito gaytan


Jack McClintic has brought our little club a long way since he joined the Tornados. Jack is very active in club activities and member recruitment. Jack has been known to chase down some very attractive lady runners at memorial park to ask for their email so he can get them to join the club. Jack has been the race director the Cinco de Mayo Run for the last two years – a race that keeps getting larger and larger every year through Jack’s efforts. Jack is also very involved in coaching runners thru programs in the HARRA organization. Jack is also our club writer and frequently writes several articles for our club website which can be found in the Club articles link.

Jack has been awarded Tornado of the Year for two years in a row. This year he was also awarded Tornados Runner of the Year due to his excellent times in all distances, most notable is his marathon PR time at the Tucson Marathon in 2:55.

I had the opportunity to ask Jack some questions about his training philosophy and some about his personal life.

Age: 45 years

Running Stuff

Where and how do you train?

Train at Morton Ranch HS track, Memorial Park and Crosspoint trail, all soft surfaces, no concrete if I can help it, 70 miles a week, with every 4th week running 50 miles to take a break, biggest reason why my running has improved the last couple years.

What is your favorite running event?

Favorite running events are the Bayou City Classic 10K, love the centipedes and St Arnolds and the Tornados X-C relay, lots of fun watching the lead changes and again St. Arnolds!

What’s your favorite running shoe?

Running shoe, love those great deals on Asics running shoes from Brammer’s Athletic Warehouse and the Tornados, love the Asics Speed Stars for racing.

What is probably your best race performance?

My best race performances were all in 2006: 1:21 in the Austin and Houston Halfs, 17:39 in the Trolley 5K and 5:01 in a Katy Fit mile time trial.

Why did you become a Tornado?

I became a Tornado to get the benefits of group running, but found that the group was even better than the running.

What is the best running advice you can offer?

The best advice is to enjoy your running, it is a gift.

What are some of your running goals?

Some nice goals for me are: 4:59 in the mile, 36 minutes in the 10K and 2:52 in the marathon.

My PR time I am most proud of is …

PR I am most proud of is 2:55 in the Tucson Marathon.

The reason I run is because …

The reason I run is for those times when you push it in training or a race and you just feel strong or sometimes I feel like I am just floating along and feel great.

Anything else you want to add?

I need to work on my Spanish and Salsa dancing!!!

Personal Stuff

Marital/Family status:

I am married and have three great kids, two of which are sadly about to leave and go off to college.

My occupation is … but when I was growing up I always wanted to be …

I am a mortgage closer, wanted to be a doctor when I was growing up.

My favorite food is …

Favorite food is either chips or salsa!

My favorite car is …

Favorite car: not a car person, but drive a Civic when running can’t get me there!

My favorite kind of music and favorite band is …

Favorite music is Alternative Rock, favorite band is Nirvana

Other hobbies I have besides running are …

Hobbies: family history, writing, acting

My favorite movie is … because …

Favorite movie: It’s a Wonderful Life, it’s a movie that believes in people and so do I.

If I could meet someone famous it would be … because …

Famous Person: Tom Hanks, I need lots of acting tips!

My favorite destination for vacation is…

Favorite Vacation Spot: I love to travel to Europe, so pretty there and like to see all the old stuff.

If I could meet someone in heaven (or hell) it would be …

Hell or Heaven: Marilyn Monroe, need to find out if she was a real blond or if she was even real!

My most embarrassing moment was …

Most embarrassing moment: When Victor passed me in the LP run.

If I could have any job in the world it would be …

I wouldn’t mind being a professional traveler that did not have to travel too much.

When I was growing up my friends used to call me … because …

My Grandmother called me Jackie, even when I made the master’s category.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows about you

I still have my Hugh Heffner outfit pressed and ready to go when needed!

So there you have it – Mr Jack McClintic.

So what exactly did we get from all of this. Well let’s sum it all up. Jack wants to be an actor named Jackie who plays a doctor on a spanish soap opera who doesn’t know how to speak spanish very well or salsa dance but wants to learn. He eats chips and salsa in between surgeries while watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” except instead of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, the characters are played by Tom Hanks and Marilyn Monroe (in her natural hair color) with theme music performed by Nirvana. He also uses his Hugh Heffner wardrobe when traveling to Europe.

We are certainly very fortunate to have Jackie in our “little club” we call the Tornados Running Club.

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